Funding Request

Funding Request

Please complete application and submit 30 days prior to TSSRM BOD Meeting (typically held quarterly –
January, April, June/July, and October, please check with TSSRM BOD for specific details).

TSSRM does not fund individuals, for-profit businesses, organizations that do not have a Federal Tax ID
number, or Project Related Investments (PRIs)

All proposals are reviewed by TSSRM BOD. The BOD may contact applicants with questions and request
more information before BOD proposal review. Once a decision is made, applicants are generally notified
within two weeks.

Proposals are assessed based on:

  • Their alignment with TSSRM’s funding priorities;
  • The organization’s capacity to carry out the expected activities;
  • How effectively the proposed activities can address an expressed need in the community and on
    rangelands; and
  • The likelihood of achieving measureable, positive impact.

Application for TSSRM Funding