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Outstanding Achievement
2009 Recipient:  Philip Wright

Philip Wright has invested his entire career in rangeland conservation. During his 30 plus year career with the SCS and NRCS, he worked in several field offices across the state.

After spending several years in Pecos, Texas he was chosen to be the manager of the newly formed Seco Creek Water Quality Demonstration Project. In this position, he found his true niche and purpose.

His name has become synonymous with the Seco Creek Project and water dynamics on rangeland.

20 years ago, our profession did not know very much about the relationship between range management practices and water quality and water quantity. We had some ideas, but very little hard information and almost no scientific studies. Due to his leadership in this area for the past two decades, our body of knowledge about rangeland water issues has grown enormously.

He has also been involved in setting up long-term research and monitoring at Honey Creek SNA, Government Canyon State Park, and in the Cibolo Creek Watershed. His initiative in gathering, analyzing and disseminating anecdotal evidence of management effects is what got the ball rolling. His efforts to attract and support academic research allowed these watersheds to serve as the models to help quantify the effects of range management on water quality and recharge.

This individual has not been content to merely gain more knowledge about rangeland hydrology; his main contribution is his dedication in sharing this knowledge with others. He has been tireless in his efforts to disseminate what has been learned at seminars and workshops as well as his direct work with many landowners.

Today it is commonplace to refer to the water benefits when discussing range management. This would not have been possible without the years of hard work and commitment given by Phillip Wright.


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