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The Texas Section Society for Range Management envisions healthy, sustainable rangelands. Healthy rangelands provide dynamic, sustainable habitats for a wide variety of plants and animals.


To provide leadership for the stewardship of rangelands based on sound ecological principles.


To foster advancement in the science and art of grazing land management, to promote progress in the conservation and greatest sustained use of forage and soil resources, to stimulate discussion and understanding of scientific and practical range and pasture problems, to provide a medium for the exchange of ideas and facts among Section members and with allied technologists, and to encourage professional improvement of its members.



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A production of the Texas Section of the Society of Range Management and Cornerstone Education Group, Inc., this 53-minute videotape covers the diversity of Texas range lands. Stewardship of the land is the primary topic, with consideration of operational goals, grazing management, wildlife habitat, aesthetics, and water quality. This production covers topics such as ecosystems, the effects of humans and livestock on the environment, water conservation, soil conservation, native grasses and plants, responsibilities to care for the environment.

Covering nine different ranches from across the state, this production explains the challenges land owners and operators face today and how their decisions affect the surrounding ecosystem.

This production offers many insights into ranch management and stewardship of the land. Each location details different circumstances, and each manager tells how they accomplish their operational goals while caring for the land. Viewers will learn the importance of management of range lands and the responsibilities of today’s ranchers.

“The Legacy of Rangeland Stewardship” is now available in VHS or DVD.
SRM01AGS – 53 minutes – $99.00
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